Build A Computer

Is it about that time to upgrade your current computer? There is no better solution than to invest in a custom-built computer. Why? Simply put, you won’t pay for things that you won’t need.

Benefits of having your computer custom-built:

  • Great Value
  • No unwanted gimmicks and bloatware
  • More reliable
  • Tuned to your lifestyle and needs
  • Pick your specs.
  • You won’t pay for things you don’t need
  • Make it as unique as you
  • Local Service
  • One on one training
  • All peripherals installed (Printers, Monitor, Speakers, etc.)
  • One year service warranty is included!

When you are interested in having a PC built, I will help you decide on the components you would like to have in your machine based on your budget, what you will need to use the computer for, and the size you would like to keep the computer. When the parts have arrived I will put it together and install an operating system (Windows 7,8 or Linux) if requested I can set the machine up at your location and install all the drivers for you peripherals.


Build PC and Install OS with updates – $120

Set up on location – $80

Check out my Gallery of Custom Built Computers!


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