Automated Thermostat

NestDid you know that your thermostat controls up to 50% of your entire energy bill? Having a properly programmed thermostat can save about 20% on your energy bill every month! That’s where Nest Learning Thermostat comes into play. Nest learns what temperature you like to keep your home and over time will adjust by itself so you don’t have to. It senses when you are away so it will turn off you heating and cooling system so you won’t pay for energy when you aren’t using it. It let’s you know how to use less energy by showing you a leaf. Adjusting your temperature by a single degree can save you up to 5%! The great thing about nest is that you can control it anywhere from a browser or your smart phone. Nest provides convenience, adds value to your home, and will eventually pay for itself.

Contact me if you want to learn more about Nest and want to know how to get a discount.


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